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Real Estate Listings In Bel Air

Real Estate Listings In Bel Air

Bel Air Real Estate Listings

At Kathryn Kidd Real Estate, we take pride in presenting an exclusive collection of real estate listings in the prestigious neighborhood of Bel Air. With a legacy built since 1984, our expertise in luxury properties across Los Angeles, including the enchanting area of Bel Air, positions us uniquely to serve discerning clients like you.

Properties for Sale in Bel Air

Homes for Sale in Bel Air

The heart of our portfolio features a diverse range of homes in Bel Air, from sprawling mansions to charming single-family residences. Each property, curated by our team, emphasizes luxury living and an unrivaled comfort that Bel Air is known for.

Condos and Apartments for Sale in Bel Air

For those looking for a more compact yet equally sophisticated living space, our condos and apartments for sale in Bel Air offer modern amenities, breathtaking views, and a sense of community.

Luxury and Affordable Real Estate in Bel Air

Our listings encapsulate both ends of the spectrum, from unparalleled luxury estates to more affordable real estate options in Bel Air, ensuring that your dream home is within reach, regardless of your budget.

Gated Communities and Housing Types in Bel Air

Gated Communities in Bel Air

For clients prioritizing privacy and exclusivity, our selection includes properties in secured, gated communities, providing peace of mind alongside luxury.

Single-Family and Multi-Family Homes in Bel Air

Whether you desire a secluded single-family home or a multi-family property for investment, Bel Air offers an exquisite range of options to meet your needs.

Vacant Land for Sale in Bel Air

Embark on creating your very own masterpiece in Bel Air with our vacant land listings, offering a blank canvas in one of the most coveted neighborhoods.

Real Estate Services in Bel Air

Real Estate Agents and Agencies in Bel Air

Our experienced team, led by the renowned Kathryn Kidd, provides personalized service to guide you through every step of your real estate journey in Bel Air.

Open Houses, Foreclosures, and Investment Opportunities

Discover unique opportunities through our open houses, explore foreclosures for savvy investments, or delve into commercial real estate and rental properties to diversify your portfolio in Bel Air.

New Construction Homes in Bel Air

For those seeking modernity and customization, our new construction homes in Bel Air represent the pinnacle of contemporary living, designed to cater to the most sophisticated tastes.

Why Choose Kathryn Kidd Real Estate?

Our deep-rooted experience, outstanding portfolio, and commitment to excellence make Kathryn Kidd Real Estate your premier choice for acquiring luxury real estate in Bel Air. With a focus on both buying and selling, we ensure your real estate transactions are seamless, securing your investment and future in one of Los Angeles’ most prestigious neighborhoods.

For inquiries or to discover the property that best fits your desires and needs, please reach out to us at +1 (310) 432-2440 or via email at [email protected]. Let us guide you through the exceptional offerings of Bel Air and experience the height of luxury real estate service with Kathryn Kidd Real Estate.

Real Estate Listings In Bel Air

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