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Whether you are looking for your first home or new investment properties in Beverly Hills, your real estate agent might ask you what style of house you want to buy. Maybe you don’t know what style of homes are for sale in Beverly Hills, CA. The fact is, there are many different styles of new homes in Beverly Hills, and you will have to understand them when you are buying a home. Here, we will go through some of the most common styles of houses.

Cape Cod-style

With cape cod-style houses dating back 1600s, the charming and quaint charming houses are resonant of the classic American cottage style. This style of home design migrated to the United States from England, maintaining its central chimney and symmetrical design. Cape cod-style houses feature a steep roof to prevent snow from accumulating, hardwood floors for practicality and comfort, and shutters and wood siding to keep the heat in.


The contemporary home style is usually confused with modern houses, but the two can’t be used interchangeably. Contemporary refers to the present, while the modern term refers to a time period that has already happened in the past, e.g., midcentury modern. Today, contemporary houses often incorporate features from modernist styles. Plus, most contemporary homes boast eco-friendly materials and designs that focus on natural textures and clean lines. Most of them also feature lots of glass, inventive designs, and open floor plans.


Colonial homes have a lot of similarities with cape cod-style houses. They are simple, symmetrical, and rectangular structure that dates back to the 1600s. This type of house for sale in Southern California has a variety of different influences, and the styles are recognized by the country that occupied the region during the period they were built. These different types include Georgian, English, Spanish, French and American colonials. Colonial-style houses are always at least 2 stories tall and have a grand entryway and central staircase.


The 1900s saw a housing style named for the remarkable reign of Britain Queen Victoria. During her reign, the Industrial Revolution made ways for housing booms, which resulted in millions of Victorian-styled houses popping up everywhere. The rich details are full of color and texture, bay windows, pitched rooves, and a full front porch that is covered with gables for aesthetics.

Mid-Century Modern

This style of home came to life in the 1900s, with emphasis on simplicity fusing with the natural world. These houses are made for open spaces and huge glass windows that bring the outside in. Up until the 1980s, this mid-century modern style has a flat plan design that makes for a seamless and chic look. Today, this style of home is everywhere. They sit very well in contemporary interiors and homes. They still look fresh and modern today.

Beverly Hills homes for sale

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Beverly Hills Homes For Sale

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