Tenant Screening Services

Tenant Screening Services

Stop wasting resources on in-house tenant screening services and outsource to TenantMagic. Our program will not only save you money but it will also save you a lot of time when filling vacancies. With TenantMagic, potential tenants pay an affordable application fee that includes background checks, credit reports, and other important items- we’ll even provide a recommendation on whether you should approve or deny the application. Our online tenant screening services will free up more of your time to take care of other day-to-day matters concerning your rentals.

5 Compelling Reasons To Use TenantMagic’s Services

1. How does a free background check for landlords sound to you? Paying for multiple background checks every month can add up quickly; with TenantMagic, criminal and background history reports are included in the price of the application- and paid for by the applicant. You’ll never pay for credit and criminal background checks for landlords again when you register for our screening program. Our free online tenant background checker places the financial responsibility on the tenant instead of your agency.

2. Does it feel like there’s never enough hours in the day to complete your property management tasks? By hiring our rental application screening company, you’ll have more time to focus on operations around the property. Let us take the hassle out of tenant screening services and put more control in your hands with our automated system that sends full reports to you via email.

3. Our tenant screening services will give you a better idea of how suited each tenant is for your rental. You’ll never have to take an educated guess as to whether a tenant is the right fit for your property- we take the guesswork out of the equation for you at TenantMagic. Verification Document Management allows you to request and access applicant verification documents, such as photo IDs, bank statements, and pay stubs.

4. Once the applicant completes their online application, you’ll receive an email response within minutes, complete with comprehensive screening reports and the signed application. If you typically have to wait for days for verification from screening companies, you’ll love how TenantMagic speeds up the process for you.

5. TenantMagic is 5-star rated by landlords, property owners, property managers, and real estate agents; we even have a solution for lease guarantors at commercial properties. Read about how TM works on our website, check out affordable pricing, or see our FAQs if you still have questions. Reach a TenantMagic expert by calling 877-462-0960 to find out more.

Register for TenantMagic now to experience the many benefits of our online tenant screening program. It’s easy to get set up to start using TM today; simply click the ‘Register’ button on our homepage or click here to submit your information- if you prefer, call and let an agent walk you through set-up step by step. Our clients have access to exceptional support through our online portal. Tenants love our contactless applications that save them time and eliminate the need to social distance.

Tenant Screening Services

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