Mortgage Refinancing Lethbridge

Mortgage Refinancing Lethbridge

With mortgage refinancing in Lethbridge from Mortgage Design Group, you’ll have more control over how you repay your home loan. By partnering with a local mortgage broker who is committed to your goals, you’ll end up saving money over the term of your mortgage, so it pays to contact a knowledgeable mortgage broker near you when it’s time to renew your mortgage. Spend a few minutes visiting our online resources to see why so many local home and business owners trust our mortgage brokers and agents for the best mortgage rates and for exceptional customer service.

5 Key Benefits Of Refinancing Your Home

1. The greatest benefit of refinancing a mortgage is the ability to look for a lower interest rate and better terms. You may be surprised by the difference even a half percentage point could make when it comes to paying your mortgage each month. Before you refinance, contact Mortgage Design Group to check the current rates- if they’re lower than your mortgage rate, you may want to consider a refinance loan.

2. If you own a 30-year mortgage and are looking for a way to build equity faster, switching to a 15 or 10-year term could help you reach your goals. Crunch the numbers to see if you’re able to make larger mortgage payments over a significant period of time, then speak with someone from our Canadian mortgage corporation to get started.

3. Did you originally take out an adjustable rate mortgage in order to be eligible to purchase your home? If your financial situation and credit history have changed over time, you may want to consider refinancing with a fixed-rate mortgage that will allow you to budget your monthly finances to a greater degree. Knowing what you’ll pay on your mortgage each month can provide peace of mind through the years.

4. Another advantage of an increased credit score is the ability to refinance at a lower interest rate. Many homeowners stop paying attention to their credit score after securing a home loan, which is a mistake, not only in the long term, but in the coming months, as well, since it could work to your advantage in mortgage refinancing in Lethbridge.

5. If you’ve purchased your family’s forever home and plan to live in your residence for some time to come, it may be beneficial to switch out a 15-year mortgage for a 30-year mortgage to lower your monthly payments and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Having a greater cash flow may prove to be the better option if you have children still living at home or are building an investment portfoio.

If you have questions about mortgage refinancing in Lethbridge, get in touch with our professionals from Mortgage Design Group by calling our office at 403-942-4099. Schedule a 15-minute telephone consultation with an agent today to inquire about current interest rates, learn more about our programs, and discover how we can help you find the right mortgage option for your financial situation.

Mortgage Refinancing Lethbridge

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Mortgage Refinancing Lethbridge

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