Dui Attorneys Vancouver Wa

Dui Attorneys Vancouver Wa

Trust the Best DUI Attorneys in Vancouver WA

“Driving Under Influence” is the charge that faces the people who are arrested drunk, or under the influence of other substances such as drugs. Since it is a fairly common offense, people often take the matter as a minor one and try to deal with it on their own. However, a DUI charge can have significant consequences.

If you are charged with DUI, the wisest thing to do is to have the support of one of the top DUI attorneys in Vancouver WA. You should know a little more about this type of felony so that you know the possible consequences, and why it is essential to count on a leading DUI law firm.

Top-7 FAQs About Drunk Driving – DUI Cases

What is BAC?

BAC is the technical terminology for “blood alcohol level”. The levels of alcohol in your bloodstream at the time of your arrest are determinative of whether or not you were driving under the influence. These alcohol levels are usually determined with specialized devices, such as breathalyzers. If the alcohol levels exceed .10 (.08 in some states) the court may establish a presumption of impairment.

Can I refuse a Breathalyzer?

While in some places people can refuse a breath test when stopped, this can lead to more serious consequences. If the court determines that you are guilty, you may even receive additional penalties for refusing the test.

Are Breath Tests Accurate?

In some cases, people may claim that the device was improperly calibrated or damaged and challenge the accuracy of the breathalyzer. However, there are other methods by which a person can be proven guilty of DUI. Keep in mind that most officers who stop a suspected drunk driver perform other field tests, and these plus the testimony of those present may be sufficient to secure a conviction.

What Happens If My License is Suspended But I Continue to Drive?

If your license is revoked for DUI and you are re-arrested, you may face more serious charges, such as significant fines and imprisonment. In that case, you would necessarily have to rely on one of the best DUI attorneys to minimize the damage to your sentence.

What Happens To My Car Insurance After A DUI Conviction?

Generally, insurers increase annual premiums after a DUI conviction. If you rely on one of the leading DUI lawyers, your record may be cleared, and your insurance rates will go down again.

What is the Penalty for a DUI Charge?

No matter if it is your first DUI arrest, a drunk driving charge can carry significant penalties. In the case of first-time offenders, even if the court is lenient you could face hefty fines and jail time. There may be other punishments, including community service, probation, or drunk driving counseling. The support of the best DUI attorneys will help you make it the least penalty possible.

How to Deal With a DUI Charge Successfully?

The wisest thing to do is to trust the specialized support of a top-of-the-line DUI lawyer like Bill Montecucco. Bill is one of the most experienced lawyers in the Vancouver WA region, with over 20 years of experience handling DUI cases. He has an almost unbeatable record in dismissing cases or minimizing sentences. He is ready to defend you and your rights. Contact us for free legal consultation and advice.

Dui Attorneys Vancouver Wa

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